ADHD Parent Presentation with Eliza Dadson

ADHD Parent Presentation with Eliza Dadson

28 May 2024

We invite you to attend an evening with Eliza Dadson, talking about ADHD and how you can support your child at home with organisation, focus, prioritisation and supporting positive behaviour. Eliza is presenting to schools and parents across the metropolitan area, so we are lucky to secure this date. This presentation applies to parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, awaiting a diagnosis, or even if you have some concerns; all are welcome.

We were lucky enough to have Eliza presenting information and strategies to staff at the beginning of the year, and we highly recommend this session for parents.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday May 28th at 6.30 - 7.30pm in the library, with seats limited. Cost is We ask you to find care for your children as it is an information and strategy packed session. Our staff gained so much from this session, and we invite you to join.

Click on the link to book your seat.

If this notice has given you cause to think a little more about your child's needs at school, please chat to your teacher.

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