Spare Parts Puppet Excursion (Year 3 Only)

Spare Parts Puppet Excursion (Year 3 Only)

11 March 2024

Excursion for Year 3 (Rooms 2, 3, and 14) to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
The students will be travelling by bus to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre at Claremont Showgrounds. The bus will depart Palmyra Primary School at 11.30am and will return at 3.00pm.

Date: Monday 11 March 2024
Time: 11.30am bus departs
Venue: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre - Claremont Show Grounds
Educational Purpose : Students will watch a unique and interactive performance of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, where Wilfrid and Miss Nancy, both beautifully hand-crafted life size puppets will come to life though the magical touch of expert puppeteers. Exploring the power of objects as vessels of memory and memories as the threads that connect us to each other this story is a true celebration of intergenerational friendship that will bring laughter, inspire joy and leave ripples of connectedness in the audience. Mrs Knight will be using the performance has inspiration for her puppet project so our students can understand how puppets are used as a way of communicating ideas.
Supervisory Team: Class teachers, Education Assistants & Parent Helpers
Items Required: Enclosed footwear, water bottle and lunch in a disposable bag.
Cost per student: $9
Payment due: Thursday 7 March 2024

Please complete all questions on the link attached and submit.

If your child is NOT attending please let your classroom teacher know as soon as possible.

Kind regards
Mrs Knight
Contact: 6436 0100

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