Young Writers (Selected Year 6 Students)

Young Writers (Selected Year 6 Students)

22 February 2024

Young Writers Excursion for selected Year 6 Students.
Arrive at school 8.10am.
Return to school 3pm.

Option 1: Students arrive at school by 8.10am to walk to the Marmion St bus stop to catch the 8.20am bus. We catch the bus back to school. Students will require a SMARTRIDER – which you will need to obtain at your own cost (please refer to the previous letter in relation to this).

Option 2: You drive your child to and from the Literacy Centre (or organise a carpool). Drop off by 9am, you will need to wait with your child until the teacher arrives. Pick up must be promptly at 2.30pm

VENUE: Cnr Knutsford & Hampton Rd, Fremantle

TIMES: Workshop – 9.00am - 2.30pm with two thirty-minute breaks.

COST: $35 per session paid to the school prior to attendance.

SUPERVISION: There will be a teacher from the school accompanying the students. However, we require a parent to attend with us as supervision getting us there and back. You can do just one way and you are welcome to join us at the Literacy centre.

FOOD REQUIREMENTS: Students need to bring all food and drink as there is nowhere to purchase food and they are not permitted to leave the centre between 9.00 – 2.30pm

DRESS: This is a FREE dress day (clothing must be appropriate), HOWEVER, if you are on public transport, please wear your school uniform shirt over the top as this is a safety requirement. You can remove this once at the centre.

WRITING: Students will require a clip board, paper and pencil. Please bring a bag that fits everything you need for the day.

BOOK BUYING: If students would like to bring money to purchase books on the day this is allowed. Often the authors will sign the purchased books. Please contact if you have any further questions.

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